Why Choose Us?

Affordably priced $8.50 per user per year for 100 users. Support and all features included. No monthly minimums.
Simply better real-time reporting, infinite log retention, P2P blocking. List goes on!
Awesome support: expert reply < 30 minutes
100% uptime since 2013. It just works.
Stop overpaying for enterprise security solutions with less features. Opt for Rawstream instead. Rawstream is affordable, straightforward and understands the importance of fast, expert support.

Better Value

We give you as standard what others provide at an additional fee, or not at all.
  • Infinite Log Retention.
  • Track time spent in desktop applications with Application Analytics.
  • Supports Active Directory and Terminal Services.
  • Time-Based policies globally or per user or group.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist globally or per user or group.
  • Tab Reporting captures time spent in tabs, not just browser requests.
  • Better P2P / torrent blocking
  • Flexible timezone support
  • The Rawstream API for simple HTTPS based API access to reporting.

Better Support

Support matters. You rely on us to provide a service to your users and customers. If we slip up, it won’t matter just to you but to your users and customers. So, we work hard to never slip up.
Rawstream has had 100% uptime since we launched in 2013, 6 years ago. Our products work in a wide array of environments: from small offices using workgroups, to Active Directory forests with thousands of users on Terminal Services, to a nation-wide hospitality franchise serving hundreds of thousands of guest WiFi users daily.
Even better than great support, is not needing support in the first place. We have engineered our products to practice what we call defensive programming: we don’t assume that our software will be deployed in a perfectly setup network that never changes. Admins are busy, fires need to be put out, stuff changes, and so our code needs to be resilient. The last thing you need is some software flaking out while merging two AD domains. Ours will keep on working.
Drop us a line at hello@rawstream.com.

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15 day trial. Get Started < 5 minutes.

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