Rawstream Web Filtering

Effective Web Security for Productive Organisations

Keep your Employees Safe on and off network with Effective Endpoint Security

Block Malware

Effective protection against malware and phishing attacks, continuously updated to protect against emerging threats.

Content Filtering

Over 80 categories covering the entire web allowing granular, flexible policies.

Zero Latency

No extra network hops or bandwidth bottlenecks for a great web browsing experience.

Track Desktop Applications

Monitor time spent in desktop applications, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps. Discover unsanctioned and redundant software.

Monitor Bandwidth Use

Keep tabs on user bandwidth consumption and take remedial action to keep the network fast and responsive.

Real-Time Visibility

Drill down by date, hour, network or category. Export to Excel. Scalable reporting that is fast whatever the size of organisation.

Unlimited Log Retention

We retain all your data for as long as you remain a customer. At no extra charge.

Simple deployment, intuitive UI, Supports a
wide range of environments. It just works.

Citrix / Remote Desktop Services

Full per-user reporting and filtering for virtual app environments.
Don’t struggle with IP-based systems! Read more.

Active Directory Support

Smart integration with Active Directory that works
in any kind of AD setup.

HTTPS Filtering

HTTPS filtering out of the box. No additional configuration,
proxies or certificates necessary.

Windows, Mac & Chromebook Support

Native endpoints for Windows, Mac and ChromeOS with
unified reporting and policies.

Awesome Support

No downtime ever, but our expert support is always on hand just in case.

Enterprise security without the price tag

With unlimited retention, powerful tools and great support, Rawstream is the better alternative.

Step-by-Step Deployment Guide


Endpoint Deployment
Read Guide


Technical Resources
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Powerful Policies

  • Target Policies by User or Group
  • Time of day or Quota-based Access
  • Block / Allow Lists support wildcard entries


  • Time and HTTP request reporting
  • Downloadable Excel-compatible Reports
  • Drill down by time, user, domain or category

Audit Log

Keeps a history of of policy updates and other configuration changes.


Optionally, give users access to the information they need to understand how they spend their time.


The block page shown for blocked sites can be completely customised and supports images, CSS and Javascript.

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