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Why Switch to Rawstream now?

Affordably priced $8.50 per user per year for 100 users. Support and all features included. No monthly minimums.
Simply better real-time reporting, infinite log retention, P2P blocking. List goes on!
Awesome support: expert reply < 30 minutes
100% uptime since 2013. It just works.
Stop overpaying for enterprise security solutions with less features. Opt for Rawstream Network Security instead. Rawstream Network Security is affordable, straightforward and understands the importance of fast, expert support.
  • Native endpoint agent for Windows, Mac Os and Chromebooks.
  • Supports Active Directory and Terminal Services.
  • Category filtering with over 80 categories.
  • Time Based Policies: allow access based on time, or by quota.
  • Policies by Active Directory User or Group.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist globally or per user or group.
  • Centrally managed via the cloud at rawstream.com.
  • Accurate Reporting captures time spent in tabs, not just browser requests.
  • Track time spent in desktop applications.
  • Infinite Log Retention.
  • HTTPS filtering out of the box. No certificates required.

Effective EndPoint Security

Web Filtering that ticks all the boxes.

Reliable, Fast DNS Filtering

Whatever the environment, Rawstream Network Security make it easy to protect the devices on your network, with zero downtime.
  • 24×7 malware protection at the DNS layer for all devices on your network
  • Rock solid reliability with 100% uptime since 2013
  • Infinite Log Retention so you have access to all historical data.
  • Real Time Reporting so you always know what’s happening on your network.
  • Block P2P torrents and other illegal downloads.
  • One click to enforce SafeSearch for Google, Youtube and Bing for all devices on the network.
  • Create granular policies with over 80 categories available.
  • Block and allow lists support unlimited entries. Copy and paste existing black lists.
  • Allow or block access using time-based policy.
  • Logging of MX lookups.
  • Flexible deployment option including on-premise DNS filtering on Windows and Linux hosts.
  • Fully customizable block page with images, CSS and JavaScript.

Supported Environments

Microsoft Environments

Works with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft DNS, and Terminal Services.

Multiple Sites

Whether one site or many, it is simple to manage many networks with Rawstream Network Security.

Static, Dynamic IPs

Networks with static and dynamic IPs are supported using either our Dynamic DNS client or third party dyndns providers.

DNS security at unbeatable value

No other DNS filter will give you the functionality and performance as affordably as Rawstream Network Security.

Pricing starts at $15 per-year per-user.
$8.50 per-year per-user for 100 users.

Whether you’re a small or mid-market business or a large corporation, Rawstream is provider of choice for network security and malware protection

15 day trial. Get Started < 5 minutes.

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