Rawstream Network Security

Powerful DNS Filtering for Network-wide Security

Protect your network using a powerful and flexible toolset, with real-time visibility network-wide

Block Malware

Network-wide protection against malware and phishing, continuously updated to protect against emerging threats.

Content Filtering

Over 80 categories covering the entire web allowing granular, flexible policies.

Unlimited Lists

Rawstream can efficiently handle Block / Allow lists with thousands of entries.

Best in class P2P Filtering

Stop bandwidth use and reduce legal risk with our smarter approach to blocking P2P / illegal downloads.

Wildcard Support

Full wildcard support for when you need a policy to match targeted host names.

Real-Time Visibility

Drill down by date, hour, network or category. Export to Excel. Scalable reporting that is fast whatever the amount of traffic.

Unlimited Log Retention

We retain all your data for as long as you remain a customer. At no extra charge.

5 minutes to deploy, with an Admin interface that makes the simple things fast

Rapid deployment

Up and running in under 5 minutes to go live with our cloud-based DNS filtering, and on-premise also deployment available.

Fast Multiple Network Management

Set policy for a hundred networks as easily as for one with our intuitive policy management tool.

One Click Safe Search

Just one click to enable Safe Search for Google, YouTube and Bing.

Dynamic IPs?

No problem. We offer multiple options to suit any environment.

Awesome Support

No downtime ever, but our expert support is always on hand just in case.

Enterprise security without the price tag

With unlimited retention, powerful tools and great support, Rawstream is the better alternative.

Step-by-Step Deployment Guides


Cloud DNS Filtering
Read Guide


On-Premise Deployment w/ Active Directory Read Guide

Flexible Deployment

100% Cloud

Choose a pure cloud deployment option for fast, simple deployment.
  • no software, no hardware
  • Fast, simple deployment
  • Cloud Dashboard

On Premise

Opt for an on-premise deployment for Active Directory integration and more detailed reporting.
  • Windows / Linux support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Cloud Dashboard

Microsoft Environments

Works with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft DNS.

Bulk Policy Management

Manage many networks as simply as one. Just two steps to apply a policy across all networks.


The block page shown for blocked sites can be completely customised and supports images, CSS and Javascript.

Product Comparison Chart

Standard Network Filter
Real-Time Reporting
Rawstream Platform API
Google Safe Search & YouTube
Access Point Policy Management
Completely Customizable Block Page
Smart P2P/Torrent Blocking
Store All Customer Data
Browser Tab Aware Reporting
Native Exchange/Citrix Support
Native Chromebook Agent
Google Apps integration
User / Parent Portal
Desktop Application Tracking
YouTube & TED History
Flexible Time Zone Support
DNS-based filtering
BYOD / Wi-Fi guest filtering
Take Home Filtering
CIPA compliant categories
Custom Website Blocklist

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