Rawstream Network Security

Network Wide Security. Simple.

Affordably priced $8.50 per user per year for 100 users. No monthly minimums.
Awesome support: expert reply < 30 minutes
Infinite Log Retention: your data is yours, and always available.
Real-time reporting across all your data: websites, bandwidth, desktop applications, and more.
Terminal Services Works great in Terminal Services environments.
Active Directory Integration. Robust, reliable integration with Active Directory.
Flexible deployment options Cloud or on-premise DNS filtering, and end-point.
100% uptime since 2013. It just works.

Network-Wide Security in Under 5 minutes

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Step-by-Step Deployment Guides


Cloud DNS Filtering
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On-Premise Deployment w/ Active Directory Read Guide

Network Wide Visibility

All devices connected to the network are automatically filtered including company devices, BYOD and WiFi guests.
Infinite log retention, with all logs stored and accessible for as long as you remain a customer.
  • Native Endpoint agent for Windows, Mac Os and Chromebooks.
  • HTTPS filtering out of the box. No certificates required.
  • Block P2P torrents and other illegal downloads.
  • MX lookups Logging
  • One click SafeSearch for Google, Youtube and Bing for all devices on the network.
  • Fully customizable block page with images, CSS and JavaScript.

Better Data

Infinite log retention vs 14 days offered by others

With us all your data is yours.

Track Desktop Applications

None of our competitors track this information.

Accurate Usable Reporting

Our competition only reports browser requests, not actual time spent on a website.

Better Features

80 categories vs just 37 categories

More options for more granular policies.

Better Allow / Block List support

All-you-can-list domain lists, and we actually support wildcards, not just claim to do so.

Time-Based Policies

Our competition doesn’t allow you to set policy based on time.

Remote Desktop Services

We have full support for Terminal Services. The competition does not.

Flexible Deployment

100% Cloud

Choose a pure cloud deployment option for fast, simple deployment.
  • no software, no hardware
  • Fast, simple deployment
  • Cloud Dashboard

On Premise

Opt for an on-premise deployment for Active Directory integration and more detailed reporting.
  • Windows / Linux support
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Cloud Dashboard

Microsoft Environments

Works with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft DNS.

Bulk Policy Management

Manage many networks as simply as one. Just two steps to apply a policy across all networks.


The block page shown for blocked sites can be completely customised and supports images, CSS and Javascript.

Dynamic Public IP

Run the Rawstream Dynamic DNS client on a machine on the network to update the network’s public IP.

Dynamic DNS

For when you can’t run the Dynamic DNS client, we support Dynamic DNS (ex: No-IP, DynDNS, etc). Enter the dynamic hostname of the network and Cloud DNS will get the IP every minute.

MX Request Logging

Malware can use email to infect other machines or simply to send spam.
Rawstream Network Security reports DNS MX requests and geolocations to help identify spam malware infections and other rogue outbound SMTP connections.

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Size doesn’t matter

You don’t need to be a large enterprise to benefit from enterprise class security.

Or to afford it.

Rawstream is intuitive, comprehensive web security for organisations of any size.

Product Comparison Chart

Standard Network Filter
Real-Time Reporting
Rawstream Platform API
Google Safe Search & YouTube
Access Point Policy Management
Completely Customizable Block Page
Smart P2P/Torrent Blocking
Store All Customer Data
Browser Tab Aware Reporting
Native Exchange/Citrix Support
Native Chromebook Agent
Google Apps integration
User / Parent Portal
Desktop Application Tracking
YouTube & TED History
Flexible Time Zone Support
DNS-based filtering
BYOD / Wi-Fi guest filtering
Take Home Filtering
CIPA compliant categories
Custom Website Blocklist

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