Rawstream Guest WiFi Security

Hassle-free Guest WiFi

Risk-Free Guest WiFi

We take the risk out of Guest WiFi

  • Block illegal downloads
  • Block objectionable content
  • Internet Watch Foundation support
  • No more DMCA notices!
  • 100% uptime since 2013

Malware Protection

24×7 malware protection at the DNS layer for all devices on your network

Enforce Google Safe Search

One single click is all it takes to enforce Google SafeSearch for all devices on the network. Read more »

Realtime Insights

Cloud-based dashboard with real-time reporting into activity across all your offices.

Web Filtering

Centralized location-based policies with 80 categories, block and allow lists, and customizable HTML block pages.

Hassle-free Deployment

  • Works with any access point
  • Simple to Deploy
  • Remote setup – no onsite visits required
  • Manage hundreds of networks as easily as one
  • Flexible Timezone support

Dynamic Public IP

Run the Rawstream Dynamic DNS client on a machine on the network to update the network’s public IP.

Dynamic DNS

For when you can’t run the Dynamic DNS client, we support Dynamic DNS (ex: No-IP, DynDNS, etc). Enter the dynamic hostname of the network and Rawstream Guest WiFi Security will get the IP every minute.


Complete freedom to customize Rawstream Guest WiFi Security to match your brand.

Pick the colours, images and style with our support for CSS and images. Use Javascript support to redirect guests to pages, or any other behaviour you’d like to implement.

Cloud Based Guest Analytics

Get reports on number of guests, returning visitors, traffic by day and time of day, dwell time, cross branch visitors, branch and aggregate reporting. No hardware necessary.

Rawstream Guest WiFi Security

Fast, Simple Security for your WiFi

  • Per-Access Point licensing
  • Static and Dynamic IP Supported
  • 100% Cloud Based
Site-wide and Service Provider licensing available.
Contact sales@rawstream.com for more.

Licensing for Service Providers

Our service may be in the cloud, but our feet are on the ground

We can provide pricing based on number of:

  • Access Points
  • External IPs
  • DNS Requests
We are flexible and can tailor the service to meet your needs.
Drop us a line to find out more about what we can do for your business.

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