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What it means to us

We set up Rawstream to not only be part of the journey in the way people work but a facilitator too. Working on the internet via any of a number of enabled devices, BYOD, BYOS is the new normal. The fortress office of old has given way to the Swiss cheese office of today.

And that’s a good thing.

But you don’t want a Swiss cheese office. You want a Swiss watch office.

Transparency and openness leads to more sharing of ideas and collaboration. It’s not about me anymore but us. So that all the gears and mechanisms of your company are working towards one goal.

And that’s a good thing too.

Rawstream puts staff in control of their own internet time. Now they can see where they have been and for how long. They can change their surfing habits to improve their own productivity through my.rawstream. Visibility of their own internet use means they have no excuse for getting bogged down in Facebook or YouTube.

But that’s not all. There are web sites that frankly have no business in your business and it’s your right to block them. While there are some personal sites that employees working long hours need to access, you still need to ration social media usage.

After all, Swiss watch-like efficiency isn’t just about focusing on what matters. But what doesn’t.

The new way of working is working

Rawstream brings employees into the productivity partnership so that they can see how to self-manage their internet usage, tasks and time.

Rawstream allows companies to fully embrace the new way of working while giving managers the visibility they need no matter where or how their employees are working. And that can lead to only one direction for your company. Up.

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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