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Why us?

Ride the wave of the coming IT transformation


We help your business and employees spend their time on line productively, profitably, and safely - and we do it better than anyone else can. Here's why.

Instant, easy deployment.

Rawstream is based in the cloud and accessible from anywhere with no servers to provision, or complex software to install.

DNS-based deployment just requires a few simple setting changes that anyone can do. Our end-user software agent is a light-weight application that can be installed in minutes on a test machine, or pushed out to the entire network. And unlike on-premise solutions, Rawstream takes the pain out of setting up branch offices.

No-fuss management

Our cloud-based centralized admin console allows you to manage Rawstream, networks and users anytime and anywhere. Reporting, configuration changes and policies can all be set from the console and applied to any network or user.

And because we're cloud-based there are no servers or databases to patch, monitor or backup.

Accurate Social Media tracking

Get a true and fair picture of user visits to social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest. Unlike other web filtering products, Rawstream only logs a visit to a social media site when a user browses to the site. Get a reliable real-time view of user activity to inform your business decisions.

Welcome BYOD!

No need to fear BYOD. We make this trend safe and secure. Employees are bringing their own devices to the office - but how do you manage the risk? We make BYOD practical: no need to install agents on the devices, or even need to touch the devices at all!

Time-based Filtering

Block access to sites based on time. Simple!

Be it lunch hour, outside office hours or some other time period - with time-based filtering Rawstream gives you even more flexibility to tailor the policies to your organisation.

Download at full speed!

Rawstream does not slow down downloads, or affect users' browsing experience. Other cloud solutions based on proxy and VPN technology can cut download speeds by up to 50%.

Rawstream is based on innovative, patent-pending technology to deliver the funtionality, but without impacting user experience.

Small business, or larger...

...our solution scales to your needs. Whether you are a small office running Google Apps and Chromebooks, or a larger company running Active Directory across multiple branch offices, we support your enviroment. Organisations are moving to cloud-based IT and we've built Rawstream to work seamlessly in such environments.

Rawstream is the only web-filering solution to integrate with Google Apps.

Transparent pricing. No hidden costs

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Rawstream is pay-per-use and there are no hidden or extra costs. Need to add new users? Simple. Unlike appliances we do not force you to over-provision and over-pay for capacity you don't yet need.

Faster ROI

We help your business be productive, profitable and safe online. With our transparent pricing and zero up front costs Rawstream will help you achieve a positive return in weeks.


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