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Multiple Deployment Options

Cloud DNS

Secure your network against malware and phishing with our Cloud DNS servers.

Filter over 80 categories, and enforce Google Safe Search for all devices on the network

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On-Premise DNS

Rawstream Network DNS is a fast DNS-based filtering all devices on your network. Deployment is simple with support for Windows and Linux. No hardware. No VMs.
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Rawstream Agent

Endpoint agent for Windows and Chromebooks – perfect for mobile users.

The Rawstream Agent has zero impact on browsing and provides accurate reporting of time spent on websites.

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Cloud management that helps you manage better

Rawstream’s cloud management is intuitive. We give you all the information, speed and power you need in one place. Just one.


Rawstream does not add latency or additional hops for network traffic, unlike traditional cloud proxy and VPN services. Fast, effective and no impact on end-users.

Hassle free directory Syncing

Rawstream takes a smart approach to syncing that works for environments with multiple Active Directory forests, non-domain machines, and managed Chromebooks.

No hardware. No software.

No VPN servers, or extra network costs either.

Create a account and you can be up and running in minutes with our cloud or on-premise DNS options. The Rawstream Agent is simple to deploy using Active Directory or Google Apps.

HTTPs filtering out of the box

With all major websites migrating to HTTPs it is important to filter HTTPs traffic.

Rawstream supports HTTPs filtering out of the box. No additional configuration, proxies or certificates necessary. It just works.

Simple to deploy

Whether one device or an entire fleet, the Rawstream for ChromeOS agent takes just a few clicks to deploy from your Google Apps domain dashboard. We have a step-by-step guide that will have you up and running in minutes.

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