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Increase Productivity

Rawstream puts you in control: monitor internet usage, enforce policies.

Optimize Bandwidth Use

Bandwidth-hungry sites impacting the network? Regain control with Rawstream.

Easy to Manage

A centralized, web-based console to manage policy across all branch offices and locations.

Stop Malware

Secure your network from internet malware and phishing attacks.

Comprehensive Coverage

80 categories, custom block and allow lists, and global coverage for granular control.

Updated in Real-time

... to give you 24x7 coverage against the latest threats.

Highly Available

With no single point of failure, your internet access is safe, secure and uninterrupted with us.

Speedy Browsing

Your users won't even know about Rawstream... unless they break policy!

Real-time Visibility

Use the Visual Dashboard for an overview of web traffic, then drill down for insights.

Deploy Rawstream

Use DNS-based deployment for policies across the organisation, and the Rawstream Agent for more granular per-user policies.

Per-User Policies

Deploy the Rawstream Agent to set policies for individual users. The light-weight agent protects the device wherever it is.

Hybrid Deployment

For the ultimate in flexibility and manageabilty you can deploy both DNS-based policies and agents to support BYOD or campus environments.


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