DNS Filtering for Service Providers

A great customer experience is something to make noise about, and we believe guest WiFi should play an integral part in this.

With many industries from retail to healthcare seeking to provide consumers with guest WiFi it makes sense to make it a safe, friendly experience.
Our CloudDNS solution is designed for service providers and can be up and running within an hour.

Features at a Glance

  • Access Point Policy Management
  • Fully customizable block page
  • Categories/block/allow lists per external IP
  • Rawstream API for integration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Flexible licensing

Risk-Free Guest WiFi

Blocking objectionable content is a must. Can your business take the risk?

Guest WiFi comes with the risk that consumers access inappropriate material.
Partner with Rawstream for hassle-free Guest WiFi.

Content Filtering

Block adult material, malware, and 78 other categories.

Safe Search

Enforce Safe Search for Google and YouTube.

Control Bandwidth

Block torrent, video sites and other bandwidth heavy sites.

Access Point Policy Management

You have tens, or even thousands of WiFi access points spread across many locations. We make managing them all as simple as managing one.
  • Roll out a content policy across any number of networks
  • Flexible time zone support for reporting
  • Custom data retention periods
  • Dynamic public IP networks are supported
  • Optional private DNS servers for your exclusive use

Rawstream Platform API

Simple integration for developers.

All the CloudDNS data in the Rawstream Portal is available to you through our API. Sharing this information allows you integrate this information straight into your monitoring, reporting and signage.
$ curl -s “https://data.rawstream.com/?key=YOURSECRETAPIKEY&account”
$ {“status-code”:200,”status”:”OK”,”data”:{“product”:”Rawstream DNS Service”,”quantity”:10,”subscription-status-code”:3,”subscription-status”:”Valid”,”subscription-ends”:”2017-10-18″,”subscription-days-left”:257}}
The API is HTTPs-based, secure and outputs data in JSON format which makes our data lightweight and simple to consume whatever the programming language or system.

Read the docs »

Using the Rawstream Platform API

Contextual Shopper Intelligence.

Allows shopping malls and stores to provide targeted advertising and coupons based on shoppers interests.

Threat Intelligence.

Keep track in real-time of the latest threats impacting your networks.

Monitoring & Signage.

Integrate reporting data with network monitoring dashboards.

Licensing for Service Providers

Our service may be in the cloud, but our feet are on the ground

We can provide pricing based on number of:

  • Access Points
  • External IPs
  • DNS Requests
We are flexible and can tailor the service to meet your needs.
Drop us a line to find out more about what we can do for your business.
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