Chromebook Monitoring for Schools

  • Chromebook, iPad & Windows filtering for schools
  • Native Google For Education Support
  • Rawstream DNS for BYOD

Make the web a safe, productive environment

Integrates with Google Apps for Education and Google SSO

CIPA compliant

Monitor online activities, and block access to adult content and other material harmful to minors. Rawstream keeps a log of all activity, including time and IP address.

Take-Home Filtering

Rawstream for Chrome works wherever the device – on-network or off. Filtering happens on the device itself so browsing is fast for the best user experience.

User Management That’s Easy To Manage

Set web access policies on an individual level based on the user’s Google credentials. User accounts are synced automatically with Google Apps.

Custom allow / block lists

Add domains to the allow and block lists, and create custom filters to enforce acceptable use. Have a large list? Rawstream can easily handle hundreds of entries.

Time-based Policies

Set custom policies for students and teachers by time of day. You can also set policy to allow access based on a time quota.

Parent Portal

my.rawstream makes it simple for parents and students to monitor internet usage. Just browse to to view your real-time web activity. It’s that simple!

Secure Wifi Hotspots with
Rawstream DNS

Enforce acceptable use policy and keep malware off your network with Rawstream DNS. Quick to deploy, even for multiple locations, and it won’t slow down browsing

Network-wide Google Safe Search

Enforce Google Safe Search for all devices on the network – including guest devices. One click… done!

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Per-User YouTube and TED Video History

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Tamper Proof

Rawstream for Chrome cannot be disabled or removed by end-users.

All agent events are audited including agent install, start, stop and uninstall.

Flexible Licensing

We offer flexible licensing options for educational institutions and non-profits, including site and appliance-like licensing. Contact us for details

Rawstream. Transparency Matters™

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