Application Usage Analytics

 We help you move to Google Apps
based on Application Usage 

Optimize License Costs

Save up to 90% on Microsoft Office Licenses

For Windows and Chromebooks

Track Application Usage across Windows and Chromebooks

10% of your employees are Excel ninjas

We help you save money on the other 90%


Drill into user activity – and application-level usage details. Get real-time usage of desktop applications, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps. Discover unsanctioned and redundant applications.


Reduce costs, make better use of your existing licenses and buy new ones, smartly. Quickly get details like monthly and daily active users, and segment users into heavy and light users.


Use the data to drive decisions. Keep Microsoft Office for heavy users. And move light users on to Google Apps for Work – perfect viewing documents and collaborative editing.

Track Adoption

Monitor adoption to identify the need for additional training, and discover new applications.

User Segmentation

Segment users by light and heavy users based on real usage of each application

User Metrics

Accurate tracking of time spent by users for Windows desktop applications and the Google for Work apps

Malware Protection

Stop malware and phishing attacks. Rawstream offers 24×7 protection for your users and network.

Enforce Google Safe Search

One single click is all it takes to enforce Google SafeSearch for all devices on the network.

Web Filtering

Centralized location-based policies with 80 categories, block and allow lists, and customizable HTML block pages.

Realtime Insights

Cloud-based dashboard with real-time reporting into activity across all your offices.

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